about me

Proudly representing India in multiple-time National Wushu and Karate Champion. My martial arts journey began with karate, where i earned a brown belt and became the best in the country by winning a national tournament. Then i transitioned to wushu at the urging of his older brother and began training under famed Wushu World Champion Santosh Kumar.

I would take the wushu scene by storm as well, and i won gold at the national wushu championships in three different weight categories. Drawn by the bright lights of the Super Fight League, Then i decided to compete in mixed martial arts and soon racked up a sparkling 4-0 record competing in India.

These successes are a far cry for me in early days, where i grew up in a Delhi suburb as a troublemaker i did poorly in school. The feisty youth frequently got into fights and preferred playing gully cricket to paying attention on my studies. Martial arts changed all of that and made him into the disciplined elite athlete i am today. Now that i am on the global stage of ONE Championship, i am giving my all in this, sacrificing time with my family and friends, even i am quitting my job to dedicate all my time to training.